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AIH Purchases Sam’s Club Warehouse in South Anchorage

Dec 17, 2020 | Alaska Native, Monitor, Retail

Bering Straits Native Corporation

Alaska Industrial Hardware (AIH) has purchased the formerly vacant Sam’s Club warehouse building located on the Old Seward Highway where it will open a retail storefront spring 2021.

This space will also serve as the largest hardware and safety order fulfillment and replenishment center in Alaska, supplying high-quality equipment, tools, industrial materials, maintenance supplies, and safety products to Alaskans, the construction industry, government, and commercial customers.

This retail storefront, order fulfillment, and replenishment center is a positive investment in the Anchorage economy. AIH currently employs approximately 180 Alaskans and upon completion of the new location, AIH will seek to hire an additional 20 to 25 people to join its team.

“BSNC and AIH share a vision to grow solutions, products, and services for construction and hardware customers,” says BSNC President and CEO Gail R. Schubert. “AIH has grown its solid reputation by providing quality customer service and competitive prices. AIH’s commitment to BSNC’s mission, as well as its operational revenue, helps provide increased shareholder opportunities and benefits.”

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“We are pleased to establish our new headquarters in this busy and high-traffic major retail district in south Anchorage,” says AIH President and CEO Terry Shurtleff.

“Our business has demonstrated resilience through the current recession and now the global pandemic with the support of our loyal customers. We are excited to continue to serve our community with high-quality service and support. AIH is an Alaskan company, employing Alaskans, with all profits staying in Alaska.”

This purchase positions the company for future expansion as AIH continues to evolve and grow. The new retail, order fulfillment, and replenishment center, slated to open in March 2021, will be the first of its kind in Alaska. AIH is a wholly owned subsidiary of BSNC.

BSNC acquired the Alaska-grown company in August of 2015. AIH continues to invest in Alaska by maintaining $20 million in on-hand inventory strategically located throughout Alaska to support its customers.

Alaska Business November 2023 cover
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