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Stoel Rives Offers New Paid Leave Program to All Staff

Apr 18, 2019 | Featured, News, Professional Services

PORTLAND, OR–Stoel Rives LLP has launched a new firm-wide paid leave program for all staff members in its ten offices across seven states and Washington, DC. The program, which went into effect on April 1, generally provides up to eighteen weeks of paid time off for parental leave, or in the case of a serious health condition affecting an employee or an employee’s family member.

“Stoel Rives is dedicated to providing the best and most productive workplace for our team, and our paid leave program will help us do that,” said Britney Colton, Director of Human Resources. “We made a strategic decision to extend a State of Washington benefit to the firm’s offices in other states; this new offering also helps us close the gap in benefits between professional staff and attorneys.”

Stoel Rives will pay up to twelve weeks of protected family or medical leave, or up to sixteen weeks for a combination of both.  An additional two weeks may be allowed on account of a pregnancy-related complication causing incapacity. During the leave period, 80 to 90 percent of the employee’s wages will be paid, depending upon the employee’s regular wage, or up to 100% if the employee elects to supplement with PTO.

The new paid leave program is aligned with a core pillar of Stoel Rives’ strategic plan: a commitment to a high-performance workplace, which supports the firm’s ambitious talent acquisition and retention efforts. A high-performance workplace enhances client value by allowing the firm’s staff to form consistent and strong relationships with clients.

“Our people are an integral part of our business,” said Brad Tellam, the firm’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our clients expect superior legal services. Providing a flexible and supportive workplace environment to everyone allows our team to focus on delivering client value and exceeding client expectations.”

In addition to the paid leave program, the firm will continue to offer its comprehensive compensation and benefits package, which includes medical, vision and dental insurance, life insurance, and retirement plan options.

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