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New PGS Consultant Brings Military Leadership Experience

Oct 4, 2023 | Professional Services, Right Moves

Professional Growth Systems

Professional Growth Systems (PGS), an Anchorage-based business consulting firm, brings Chris Dykes to the team as a Consultant. Dykes adds to the company’s planning and leadership services by applying skills he acquired in the US military.

During his nine years in the US Army, Dykes served in leadership positions with Special Operations. “I prioritized personal development as well as professional goals to ensure that all members of the team were both effective leaders and well-rounded individuals,” Dykes says. To that end, he motivated and encouraged two of his direct reports to complete their bachelor’s degrees while on duty in the US and Afghanistan.

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Alaska Business February 2024 Cover

February 2024

Dykes received his bachelor’s degree in criminology from The College of New Jersey.

His strong focus on development and growth is what attracted Dykes to PGS. “I found that the most rewarding experiences do not come from promotion, advancement, or awards. They come from cultivating genuine relationships, building effective teams, and striving for improvement every day. Improvement, not perfection,” he says. “What I find true value in is building strong, trusting relationships and helping people and teams grow, both personally and professionally.”

Outside of work, Dykes enjoys hiking, hunting, fishing, and snowboarding with his family and three dogs.

Alaska Business February 2024 cover
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February 2024

In the February 2024 issue of Alaska Business, we engineered a special section that inspects the many ways architecture and engineering enrich our lives, from creating beautiful and functional spaces to crafting functional and safe transportation corridors. In addition to the built world in which we live, this issue celebrates small businesses and the many functions they provide, whether they're developing tools in the healthcare industry or opening new dining locations.

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