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Alaska Joins National Cannabis Regulators Association

Aug 17, 2021 | Architecture, Featured, Government, Manufacturing, News

The Alaska Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office (AMCO) has recently joined the national Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA). CANNRA is a national organization that provides cannabis policy makers and regulatory agencies with resources to make informed decisions when considering whether and how to legalize and regulate the industry.

CANNRA provides an important forum for state regulators, such as AMCO, to engage with each other jurisdictions to identify and develop best practices and policies; ultimately safeguarding public health and safety and promoting regulatory certainty for industry participants.

“We know the federal cannabis landscape is changing,” said AMCO Program Coordinator, Rick Helms. “Since CANNRA works to help federal agencies benefit from the regulatory and implementation experiences at the state level, such an effort can only help to ensure that any changes to federal law adequately address the Alaska Marijuana Control Board’s needs and priorities.”

As the principal state marijuana regulator for Alaska, AMCO joins CANNRA with more than 20 other states nationwide. CANNRA is an affiliate of the Council of State Governments.

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