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Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Launches New Website

Sep 17, 2021 | Fisheries, News

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The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) announced its new and mobile-friendly website, alaskaseafood.org. The site combines two previously separate websites (alaskaseafood.org and wildalaskaseafood.com) into one fully integrated online home, creating a single hub for information on Alaska seafood.


What’s New?

  • Mobile-friendly: Users can access recipes, nutrition details, and all other information on the go.


  • One single content hub: Consumers and industry alike can find both high level and more detailed information on topics such as sustainability, health and nutrition, and Alaska seafood species in one central location.


  • Intuitive navigation pathways: Users can easily find the most relevant information to their needs including recent ASMI publications and reports, meeting, event details, and quick resource links.


  • Resource database: Easily search for annual reports, sales materials, nutrition fact sheets, etc. all from one intuitive and localized database.


  • Recipe finder: Search recipes by species, meal type, or cooking time with ASMI’s fully integrated, tagged, and searchable collections.


  • Fully aligned branding: The new site’s look is visually aligned with the new ASMI brand guide colors, font, and refreshed logo, and delivers improved functionality and user experience for industry, trade, and consumers alike.
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“Consumers are more interested than ever in knowing where their food comes from. Having a single online home will provide more in-depth information that they crave while better serving our industry at the same time,” said ASMI Executive Director Jeremy Woodrow. “A forward-thinking digital presence is critical in connecting with customers worldwide. The new mobile-optimized platform will serve all of our stakeholders better moving forward.”

Newly created user experience pathways were developed based on user content needs to ensure that ASMI’s robust offering of assets and information gets delivered quickly to the right audience. For example, the new retail page or “hub” includes the latest retail consumer research and a news and events feed tailored just for the retail audience. The recipe database, a favorite search for consumers, is organized into recipe collections such as family friendlyunder 30 minutes, and breakfast and brunch ideas. Much of the institutional information about ASMI itself has been moved to the footers, for easy and quick navigation.

ASMI began the process of rebuilding the website over a year ago by surveying industry participants, auditing existing websites, and creating a content plan based on evolving consumer needs. Over the course of the pandemic, the shift to remote work allowed staff to focus on the growing need for timely, relevant information through the execution of the project. The new site is operated by ASMI staff and aligns with industry best practices to deliver powerful search optimization and user analytics moving forward to connect Alaska Seafood with targeted online audiences.

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