Alaska Seafood Online Marketplace Brings Buyers and Sellers Together

May 17, 2022 | Fisheries, News, Telecom & Tech

ASMI website

A new website from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) matches the state’s suppliers with buyers worldwide.

Opening Virtual Doors 

The Alaska Seafood Online Marketplace replaces ASMI’s “Providers Directory” as an electronic registry to help wholesalers, shippers, and merchants—alongside home gourmet specialists and small cafés—to find Alaska fish providers at the click of a button.

A statement from ASMI says, “As the quantity of fish buys occurring on the web keeps on developing, the new Marketplace gives open doors to all Alaska fish organizations to feature their items to fish buyers of different kinds.”

The website at has three main zones. “Explore the Marketplace” currently lists thirty-nine suppliers, with links to profile pages. “Home Cooks” displays a similar list, limited to nineteen suppliers that offer direct sales. And “Industry Buyers” is a registry for importers, wholesalers, and distributors.

ASMI says the Marketplace permits any Alaska fish business to advance its items through a more vigorous web catalog where customers can look by the item wanted, organization name, and different models.

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Providers make profiles highlighting the organization’s name and marking. Purchasers likewise make accounts, where they get information about specific acquirement needs and associate straightforwardly to Alaska-based fish suppliers.

“We are excited to offer a stage for Alaska fish industry members, buyers, and fans to interface and offer their items and organizations in an open discussion,” ASMI Digital Marketing Manager Tanna Peters says.

The commercial center’s new “For Consumers” area works on the inquiry cycle by giving speedy admittance to organizations that transport Alaska fish straightforwardly to people, ASMI says.

“We anticipate assisting new providers and purchasers with using the Marketplace as it keeps on developing,” says Peters.

Alaska Business June 2023 cover
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