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Two New Hires at Mt. McKinley Bank

Apr 6, 2022 | Finance, Right Moves

Mt. McKinley Bank is rounding out its executive staff in Fairbanks and Delta Junction.
Cindy Cevasco

Cindy Cevasco is the bank’s new Vice President and Human Resources Manager. Cevasco has more than thirty-six years of experience in human resources and management in the financial industry. She now oversees payroll and all other human resources tasks for Mt. McKinley Bank.

Cevasco has been an active community leader, receiving two awards from the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce: the George Nehrbas Award in 2011 and the Golden Heart Heroes Award in 2012. Cindy enjoys camping and kayaking with her family and is a proud mother of two and grandmother of four.

Courtney Durham

Courtney Durham is the new Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Lending at the Delta Junction branch.

Durham grew up in the Delta Junction area and spent twenty-two years in residential, agricultural, and commercial real estate all over Alaska. Her experience also includes owning a small business in Delta Junction and developing commercial properties. Durham raises cattle and trains horses at her ranch.

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