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Governor Signs Bill Modernizing State’s Procurement for Construction Projects

Jul 14, 2021 | Construction, Government, News

Governor Mike Dunleavy signed HB 160 July 14, 2021 at the Associated General Contractors office in Fairbanks.

Office of the Governor

July 14, in Fairbanks, Governor Mike Dunleavy signed into law his administration’s bill modernizing Alaska’s public construction process.

House Bill 160 changes the current construction procurement code by including the Construction Manager/General Contractor methodology (CM/GC) as an authorized form of awarding procurement contracts.

CM/GC allows a contractor to be awarded the contract for both the preconstruction and construction phases of a project. This method is accepted as a worldwide industry standard for managing costs and delivering exceptional safety and quality results.

However, Alaska’s procurement code was not updated to accept CM/GC as a default method of managing contracts. If the agencies wanted to use this cost-saving method, a lengthy administrative review was required. HB 160 eliminates that burden.

“Today’s bill is one example of a good idea that is a win-win-win for saving state dollars, getting projects done on time, and benefitting Alaskans with better results,” says Dunleavy.

“Taking proven ideas from the men and women who build our roads, bridges, and buildings throughout Alaska just makes sense. DOT now has another tool in the toolbox connecting Alaskans to Alaska.”

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