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Tlingit & Haida Reaches Out to Washington with New Cultural Heritage & Education Manager

Apr 19, 2023 | Alaska Native, Right Moves

Tlingit & Haida

The Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (Tlingit & Haida) hired Vicki Soboleff as Cultural Heritage & Education Manager to be based in Lynnwood, Washington. This additional managerial position was created to support the cultural and educational needs of tribal citizens in Washington.

A workspace for cultural classes and activities is scheduled to open at the beginning of September in Lynnwood. Soboleff’s role is to collaborate with tribal programs and partners to support Southeast Alaska Indigenous languages, arts, and cultural education and preservation initiatives. She will also develop a cultural service plan to identify resources and opportunities to increase the tribe’s capacity to build out classes, activities, and events.

“We are pleased to be able to offer cultural heritage and education teachings in the Seattle area, and that Ms. Soboleff has accepted this position with the Tribe,” says Amelia Rivera, senior director of the Cultural Heritage & Education Division. “She comes with a wealth of knowledge and her work to uplift our culture and revitalize tradition, while instilling pride in our community is unmatched.”

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Soboleff is Haida, Yak’Laanas, Raven/Double Fin Killerwhale of the Brown Bear House and was adopted into the Kiks.adi clan (Raven/Frog) of the Tinaa Hit, (Copper Shield) House and the Gaagaan Hit, (Sun House). Her Haida names are Hiilunjaat and Tl’aakahlwaas and her Tlingit names are Shxaasti and Kukak.

Soboleff was born in Seattle and raised in Ketchikan. Soboleff is an artist, performer, mentor, and teacher who has founded dance groups and conducted several outreach and youth mentorship programs. Prior to accepting this position, she was the grants manager for the Tulalip Tribes in Washington. Soboleff also served thirteen years with Sealaska Corporation as managing accountant and corporate controller.

“I am happy to join Tlingit & Haida’s Cultural Heritage & Education Division,” Soboleff says. “I look forward to the building opening and managing the Cultural Heritage & Education program in Lynnwood. I am very excited about the potential to coordinate cultural opportunities for our tribal citizens who live in the Washington area.”

Tlingit & Haida President Richard Chalyee Éesh Peterson says the tribe is dedicated to finding ways to better serve its members. “We have more than 7,400 tribal citizens in Washington and know there is a growing interest for Tlingit & Haida to support more cultural and educational opportunities,” Peterson says. “Our communities and tribal citizens thrive when our culture is our foundation. Vicki has already been doing this great work in Washington because she knows our culture brings us strength.”

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