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Tlingit & Haida Launches Bingo Under State Gaming License

May 11, 2023 | Alaska Native, News

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The Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska is expanding its gaming operations with bingo at Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall in Juneau.

Luck of the Draw 

The bingo operations are part of Tlingit & Haida’s effort to generate more unrestricted revenue. Previously, bingo games at the tribe’s community council building in the Twin Lakes neighborhood were only for the benefit of members who live in Juneau. The Central Council’s state gaming permit with the Alaska Department of Revenue allows for proceeds to benefit tribal members no matter where they live.

Tlingit & Haida President Richard (Chalyee Éesh) Peterson says profits from the bingo operations will support programs like the tribe’s Elderly Emergency Assistance and Alumni Scholarship Assistance programs.

“Tlingit & Haida has been interested in resuming bingo operations for quite some time now. Bingo is just one more way we are pursuing economic sovereignty and broadening the tribe’s reach to better serve our citizens beyond Southeast Alaska,” Peterson says.

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Bingo is scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. Juneau’s Filipino Community also hosts games on Thursdays, as well as Sundays.

Tlingit & Haida business and economic development director Janice Hotch is leading the bingo expansion. “We’re excited to bring bingo back to the hall in our Andrew Hope Building. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to play, and it’s a hoot, especially for our elders,” Hotch says. “Bingo isn’t just about winning; it’s about having a place to meet, have fun, and see friends.”

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Players can choose between traditional paper and electronic bingo. Pull tabs will also be available for purchase along with food and beverage options at Sacred Grounds Café.

Tlingit & Haida is recruiting to fill six positions for the bingo operations, including a gaming supervisor and assistant gaming supervisor.

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