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Fast, reliable, secure broadband
Connecting Alaska & the World


Expanding Throughout Alaska


Connecting Asia & Europe Through the Arctic

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Supporting Space Operations
Quintillion is the first and only telecommunications operator to build a subsea and terrestrial fiber optic cable network in the US Arctic.

Quintillion is a leading provider of wholesale broadband services to government and commercial telecommunication providers, bringing high-speed broadband to the most strategic place on Earth.

Our system starts in the Alaska community, where we provide middle-mile backhaul services for last-mile providers in the Northwest Arctic and North Slope regions. We will expand this network to both Asia and Europe with a new, low-latency submarine cable system, driving economic progress while securing America’s strategic position in the US Arctic.

Quintillion’s Arctic High Latitude Data Acquisition ground station is located at the northernmost point in the United States in Utqiaġvik, Alaska. This US-based ground station provides a safe location for American companies to downlink and uplink satellite data.

201 East 56th Avenue, Suite 300
Anchorage, AK 99518
Market Development
Ada Maduakor
Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM
Network Engineering
Dan Kerschbaum
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Media Contact
Grace Jang
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The Quintillion Network

Quintillion’s resilient network is designed to withstand the harshest Arctic conditions.

Quintillion’s current network services the Alaska markets of Nome, Kotzebue, Point Hope, Wainwright, Utqiaġvik, and Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse. The total network spans 1700 miles and connects to existing networks in Fairbanks, reaching Anchorage, Seattle, and Portland.

3-Pair System: 30 Tbps capacity which is scalable up to 90 Tbps
Resilient Design: Cable is buried up to 12’ below the seabed
6 Cable Landings: Installed in steel conduit up to a mile offshore
Robust feeds: Redundant equipment at each landing site
24/7 Monitoring: Fast response times to any disruption
A map of the Quintillion global network

Bridging the Digital Divide

Quintillion’s system supports the economic growth and development of rural Alaska communities.

By providing a fiber backbone in the North Slopes and Northwest regions of Alaska, Quintillion plays a major role in connecting communities that have gone without reliable broadband to the digital world. This unlocks many essential services and opportunities for Alaska communities:

Telehealth and teletherapy
Distance learning
Education development
Economic growth
Remote work opportunities
Workforce training
Online entertainment
Public safety technology
Emergency response
Communication and connectivity
an aerial view of a rural snowy town in Alaska
Supporting National Security
“If you cannot communicate, you cannot defend, you cannot compete”
General Charles H. Jacoby Jr smiling and in uniform
General Charles H. Jacoby Jr
Senior Strategic Advisor
Quintillion’s telecommunications infrastructure closes critical gaps in Arctic communications.

The Arctic is a competitive region for world superpowers, unveiling strategic defense postures, natural resources, and commercial routes. As the physical climate in the US Arctic shifts, the US has grown its presence in this region and continues to address vulnerabilities in national defense.

Quintillion stands ready to help the United States in the space and plays an active role in supporting the military and government’s involvement in the Arctic. Our fiber optic cable network has been designated critical infrastructure. Our systems are also built without any non-compliant foreign components and are resilient to cyber threat.

Our system offers unrivaled speed, capacity, and security, enabling ground-based defense systems. Additionally, our high-latitude ground station provides US organizations a safe, low-latency connection to downlink data from polar orbiting satellite without relying on foreign ground infrastructure.

a pipeline going through the Alaskan tundra

Offering GSaaS Capabilities

“Quintillion Represent a secure connection between ground and space in the American Arctic”
George Tronsrue III smiling and wearing a navy suit
George Tronsrue III
Quintillion is a US-based provider of Ground Station as a Service

American organizations rely on satellite data to gather critical data and make decisions here on Earth. Quintillion partnered with ATLAS Space Operations to build North America’s highest latitude ground station in Utqiaġvik, Alaska.

The Quintillion HiLDA Ground Station was built as a downlinking facility for polar orbiting satellites and can be utilized for direct and shared GSaaG. It offers antenna pad leasing and a variety of other backhaul solutions, O&M services, equipment colocation, and power.

A tower with the ATLAS and Quintillion logo on it

The ground station offers several benefits to US businesses and organizations:

American companies can send sensitive data to a facility on US soil, instead of relying on foreign ground infrastructure.
Clients have access to the Freedom Platform from ATLAS Space Operations, a scalable, secure system for data processing.
The ground station is backed up and connected to the Equinix SE2 International Business Exchange in Seattle via fiber.
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