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September 2018

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In Unity There Is Strength

September 2018

Each year in September we take a look at the ever-growing activities of the Regional and Village Corporations established by the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. And fortunately for us, there is always exciting news to cover, from changes in leadership to acquisitions to new business lines to developing partnerships across almost every industry and throughout the world.

September 2018

Building on Permafrost

When constructing in the Arctic or near-Arctic regions of the world where permafrost dominates, the adage “If it’s frozen, keep it frozen; if it’s thawed keep it thawed” provides a strong foundation. Doing this, however, is one of the greatest challenges for engineers and construction companies that specialize in building in some of the coldest places on Earth.

Digitized Trucking

In the trucking industry technological innovations—also referred to as “digitized trucking”—include everything from systems designed to detect and wake tired drivers to semi-autonomous operations to kinetic energy recovery systems, predictive GPS, and electronic log devices.

Responsible Pain Management

As the opioid crisis deepens in Alaska and the nation, a growing amount of misinformation about the laws, regulations, and recommendations impacting primary physicians and pain management specialists abounds.

Rock Steady

In Alaska there are six actively producing mines, two projects in permitting, and an additional four advanced exploration projects in play in 2018.

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