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June 2018

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A Stitch In Time

June 2018

Alaska Business is excited to feature Alaska Airlines (a company that has partnered with us again and again as we pursue our mission to be Alaska’s business advocate) as it both strengthens its expansive Alaska roots and soars to new heights.

June 2018

Elements of Mining

When people in the Lower 48—and even plenty of those here in the Last Frontier—think about mining in Alaska, they think gold. With the state producing 14 percent of the nation’s gold in 2014, they think gold for a good reason. From the Southeast to the Interior, mining operations and continued exploration efforts, both large and small, reveal glimmering prospects for those hunting the precious metal.

Arctic Expansion

Arctic Alaska is renowned for its abundant wildlife, mountainous terrain, formidable weather, and isolated communities. Providing technology infrastructure in the region—which encompasses the North Slope Borough, the Northwest Arctic Borough, and the Nome Census Area—can be daunting.

Vessel Response Protocols

Because of the state’s fierce weather and remote areas, multilayer systems are integrated into comprehensive vessel response protocols for tankers and non-tankers operating in Alaska’s waters, ensuring the health of both the environment and the state’s economy.

Senior Services and Support

By the year 2034 Alaska’s overall population is expected to grow by nearly 25 percent, and the senior demographic is predicted to more than double in size as the state’s Baby Boomer generation ages, hitting the 65-year-old mark.

Pristine Waters

With roughly 6,640 miles of oceancoastline, Alaskans enjoy theeconomic benefits of its many marine-based industries such as commercialfishing and tourism.

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