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July 2020

Alaska Business Magazine July 2020 Cover

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2020 Best of Alaska Business Awards

July 2020

Welcome to the 5th Annual Best of Alaska Business awards. First and foremost, thank you to our readers who took the time to nominate the businesses that you see provide exceptional services to Alaskans. We publish the results, but you awarded these businesses with recognition for the hard work they do in their very varied fields.

July 2020

Breaking Frozen Ground

Unless a general contractor is doing what is known as “speculation work” in which the builder constructs the house before it has a buyer—also sometimes referred to as tract homes—the work and challenges presented when building a home in the Fairbanks-area can be daunting.

Redefining Business-as-Usual

The pandemic forced businesses to come up with innovative solutions to keep customers coming through their doors—if not literally, then figuratively—even when they couldn’t belly up to the bar for a drink or enjoy a weekend brunch with friends.

Virtual Visitors

While everyone is eager to get back to normal (or close to what normal used to look like), Alaska’s organizations are making the most of the opportunities they have now, helping people travel far and wide—digitally, at least.

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