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February 2019

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2018 Engineer of the Year Christine Ness

February 2019

Nominated by the Alaska Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction, 2018 Engineer of the Year Christine Ness is a fire protection engineer and project manager at PDC Engineers, an Alaska-based firm with five offices and more than one hundred employees. Ness always knew she wanted to be an engineer and, after moving here in 2013, found in Alaska the happy combination of her many loves: a brilliant husband, ample opportunities for solitary fishing excursions, and the ability to pursue her passion to make the world a little more fire resistant.

February 2019

The Arctic Opportunity

As the world increasingly turns its eyes northward to the potential of the Arctic, Alaska finds itself uniquely positioned to play a leading role to serve as a gateway and forward base of operations for commercial development in the region.

Playing Nicely Together

Companies in the tourism industry often work together to provide the best experience for those visiting the Last Frontier. And while this form of cooperative tourism may seem counterintuitive since many of them are competing for the same tourist dollar, such relationships actually benefit all of the parties involved—including the state itself.

Strategic Pathways

In 2016 the University of Alaska (UA) launched Strategic Pathways, a plan to “maximize value to Alaska through excellent, accessible, and cost-effective higher education.” An early draft was published in February 2016, and three years later UA has made significant strides in pursuing its goals.

Health Wanted

Healthcare employment has recently seen consistent increases—not many sectors in Alaska are seeing that trend. What isn’t common knowledge, however, is the process involved in filling the positions that fuel the growing demand for jobs.

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