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New Maritime Response Center on Kodiak to Serve Alaska’s Pacific Rim

Apr 22, 2021 | Environmental, News, Oil & Gas, Transportation

The Pacific Rim Response Center facility in Kodiak provides a range of response services and assets to the Western Alaska maritime industry.


Kodiak is now home to the Pacific Rim Response Center (PRRC), a facility that serves as a hub for a comprehensive suite of maritime resources providing vessel support, marine casualty response, and oil and hazardous spill response.

The PRRC was established as a collaboration between Paradigm Marine and strategic partners Alaska Chadux̂ Network and Global Diving & Salvage, providing one consolidated location for a range of resources to serve the Western Alaska maritime industry.

With personnel and assets staged in Kodiak, the region is better served with Paradigm’s expansive marine construction and vessel fleet along with Chadux̂’s vast inventory of oil spill response resources and Global’s extensive commercial diving, marine casualty response, and construction capabilities.

Located near the only year-round all-weather airport in the Gulf of Alaska that can handle both commercial and cargo aircraft, the PRRC features 600 feet of deep-water dock space, office facilities, and a large, secure equipment staging and storage yard.

“Kodiak has always been a critical hub to access the Gulf of Alaska, Alaska Peninsula, and Aleutian Islands” says Sully Sutherlin, President of Paradigm Marine. “The Pacific Rim Response Center underscores this and will help empower the support resources in that region. Our facility is not only in an important strategic location; it now includes three critical service providers with extensive Alaskan experience.”

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Buddy Custard, Alaska Chadux̂ Network president and CEO, adds, “We have had a response hub in Kodiak for over ten years. Establishing the PRRC is a key part of our strategic buildout for our clients throughout Western Alaska, allowing us to collocate additional oil spill response resources.”

Furthering the capabilities of the team, Global will stage marine casualty response and commercial diving equipment at the PRRC, allowing diving and salvage teams to provide support on short notice. “We have always looked for the right time to establish a footprint in Kodiak,” says Deidre Coots, Global’s Alaska Manager. “We are excited to be part of this experienced team that serves both the planned and unplanned needs of the maritime community throughout Western Alaska.”

“All three of our companies provide valuable maritime services and response capabilities throughout Alaska, 24/7/365. By aligning our resources through the new Pacific Rim Response Center, we will serve Western Alaska better and faster than ever before,” adds Sutherlin.

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