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Juneau Community Engages with DestinationNEXT

Apr 30, 2019 | News, Tourism

Franklin Street in downtown Juneau

Travel Juneau

JUNEAU—The Juneau community feels that, as a destination, Juneau is strong on authentic attractions, outdoor activities and entertainment options, and a little weak on meeting facilities and accommodations.

These DestinationNEXT results were revealed at a community workshop on March 28, hosted by Travel Juneau. DestinationNEXT uses data to assist destination marketing organizations assess what’s missing and opportunities in its overall strategy in order to be successful.

Greg Oates of NEXTFactor Inc. led the workshop that included results of both a stakeholder and a general public survey. Oates noted destination trends including sustainability, brand building, and long-term community engagement.

The surveys covered a wide range of elements, including visitor activities, destination performance, infrastructure, and community support. Results were stacked against the benchmark established by the 190 communities worldwide that have engaged in the DestinationNEXT process.

Liz Perry, president & CEO of Travel Juneau, says this data will be used in a number of ways to market Juneau as an overall destination and further engage the community around the perception of tourism. “This is the beginning of a great discussion within the community to ensure Juneau remains a terrific place to live, visit, and work,” Perry said.

The DestinationNEXT results can be found at https://www.traveljuneau.com/about-travel-juneau/.

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