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MTA Fiber Holdings Wins ‘Outstanding Wireline Company’ Award for Landmark AlCan ONE Project

Jan 30, 2020 | News, Telecom & Tech

Subsidiary of MTA recognized by international telecom leaders

PALMER—MTA Fiber Holdings (MTAFH), a wholly-owned subsidiary of MTA, is the recipient of the  2020 Outstanding Wireline Company Award from the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) for its construction and completion of AlCan ONE (Alaska Canada Overland Network), the first and only all-terrestrial fiber network connecting Alaska to the contiguous United States. 

PTC’s annual awards highlight international players who have made outstanding contributions to improving the ability of people and firms in the Pacific region—and those aligned with PTC’s mission—to connect people and organizations for a better world.

In May 2019, MTAFH launched the AlCan ONE fiber network, commencing the construction of a dedicated fiber line for current internet transport needs and future capacity to support the continuing growth of broadband. With a capacity of over 100 terabits per second that can be expanded and increased in the future as demand grows, the network will establish a secure and reliable fiber connection to any point in the contiguous United States, providing users with a robust internet connectivity for decades to come. It is expected to be completed in spring of 2020.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized for our investment and dedication to improving Alaska’s internet capacity and connectivity in the years to come,” said Michael Burke, CEO of MTA. “We work tirelessly to help all Alaskans—in our service area and beyond—live their most connected and empowered lives. AlCan ONE signifies our commitment to following through on that idea, further growing the state’s businesses, jobs, and economy for all those who live and work here with the help of a scalable, reliable, competitive telecommunications solution.”

The result of years of planning to establish a fiber line out of the state, AlCan ONE will also reduce MTA’s transport expenses, which ultimately will allow investment into other technological, infrastructure, and community-centered improvements. This project is a step towards increased access to high-speed internet and is anticipated to support business and job growth, as well as increase community connections. AlCan ONE is aided by partnerships with Canadian carriers such as Northwestel in order to extend MTA’s existing network from North Pole, Alaska through Canada and on to the contiguous United States.

“AlCan ONE will connect Alaskans both regionally and internationally, and will reinforce the promising future Alaska has when provided robust technology and internet infrastructure,” said Francis LaChapelle, Vice President of Wholesale and Carrier Relations at MTA. “We look forward to Alaskans seeing the benefits that this project will reap once completed, as well as partnering with other regional and international players to further these efforts in the future.”

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