Muldoon Garden: Grand Opening for “Forward Thinking” Affordable Housing Project

Dec 8, 2017 | Construction, Energy, Nonprofits, Real Estate

Rural Cap

Picture of the newly-constructed Muldoon Garden.

RurAL CAP’s largest and latest housing project designed to provide affordable, healthy living spaces to Anchorage’s low-income residents

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — RurAL CAP is celebrating the completion of Muldoon Garden, its newest and largest affordable housing project, with an open house. The event is scheduled for Friday, December 8 from 4–6 pm at 207 Muldoon Road in Anchorage. RurAL CAP will thank its many partners and provide tours of the complex.

Muldoon Garden is an $8 million complex designed to provide affordable, healthy living spaces for Anchorage’s low and very low-income households (50% and 60% below the area median income). The project consists of 23 multi-family one and two bedroom, one-bath units, available for people transitioning from homelessness and for low-income Alaskans. It is a sustainably built affordable housing complex, designed to follow many of the principles of the International Living Future Institutes’ rigorous green building standards.

“We’re really proud of this project,” said Dr. Gary Ferguson, RurAL CAP CEO. “Through the development of Muldoon Garden, RurAL CAP is taking transformative action in the housing industry by honoring an individual’s right to shelter that is both affordable and healthy, while protecting our environment for future generations. Paired with our Rural Housing Initiative, it is a part of our statewide effort to address the social and economic determinants of health and well-being for low-income Alaskans.”

Muldoon Garden will help address the Municipality of Anchorage’s challenges concerning the high cost of living and constrained rental market. The sustainability features such as solar energy and a six-star energy rating provide relief from high energy costs for water, heat, and electricity which will increase income and contribute to economic empowerment. The building was built with healthy building practices, such as not using “red list” materials, ultimately creating a healthier environment for tenants. The outside space was designed for sustainability with an edible landscape planted with components such as apple trees in the front yard.

The building is adjacent to Safe Harbor, a transitional housing complex for homeless families. The buildings share a common entry, but the programs are different. Safe Harbor gives families an opportunity to exit homelessness. Muldoon Garden gives families an opportunity to apply for a permanent place to call home. Muldoon Garden supports RurAL CAP’s mission of empowering low-income Alaskans through advocacy, education, affordable housing and direct services that respect our unique values and cultures.

For more information, applicants can go to, or contact the RurAL CAP Central Leasing Office at (907) 868-4600, or email [email protected].

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