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Kodiak Museum Finds New Executive Director in California

Apr 2, 2024 | Nonprofits, Tourism

Kodiak History Museum

Kodiak History Museum (KHM) selected Kristin O’Lear as its next Executive Director. O’Lear joins KHM from Imperial Valley Desert Museum in Ocotillo, California, where she has served as executive director since 2021 and head curator before that.

O’Lear was chosen to facilitate the exploration of the natural, cultural, and artistic heritage of Kodiak Island and surrounding communities. In her new position, she leads the KHM team in creating opportunities for the public to discover, share, and exchange knowledge through the museum’s collections and resources.

KHM Board President Toby Sullivan says, “We are excited to welcome Kristin as our new Executive Director. Kristin knows firsthand the vital role museums play, not only in celebrating local history but also in providing an accessible community space for conversation on current events and evolving perspectives. The board was impressed by Kristin’s passion and energy and feels she will be a great addition to the museum, and the Kodiak community.”

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O’Lear received a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Michigan State University and a master’s degree in history with a concentration in public history. During her tenure at Imperial Valley Desert Museum, O’Lear led the organization through community engagement and rapid expansion in preparation for formal museum accreditation. Her experience will be pivotal in taking KHM forward in its commitment to expanding historical perspective and access to its collections.

“I am thrilled to join the KHM team,” says O’Lear. “I am dedicated to sharing diverse narratives and committed to community engagement. I look forward to contributing positively to the Kodiak History Museum, local community partners and agencies, and the broader Kodiak community.”

O’Lear begins working in April remotely before fully assuming her duties in person the following month.

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