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Doyon Installs Wind Turbines at Deadhorse

Oct 18, 2023 | Alaska Native, Energy, News

Crews set up a tower for a three-bladed wind turbine in Deadhorse.

Doyon, Limited

Facilities that help pull petroleum energy out of the ground in Prudhoe Bay are drawing some of their energy from a renewable source. Doyon, Limited installed two 100-kW wind turbines at the Doyon Drilling pad in Deadhorse.

First on the Slope

Doyon, the Alaska Native corporation for the Interior region, says the turbines are intended to provide supplemental power to Doyon Drilling’s warehouse and will assist in offsetting their electricity usage. 

Based on wind data history in the area, both turbines have an estimated average daily output of 1,440 kWh. Doyon compares this to the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from 100 gallons of diesel burned in a generator. 

“This project is the first of its kind on the North Slope,” says Andrew Honea, Doyon Drilling president and general manager. “I’m proud that Doyon Drilling is part of this monumental milestone.”

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“It’s wonderful to see this project come to life,” says Tanya Kaquatosh, Doyon’s senior vice president of administration. “The wind turbine project is part of Doyon’s sustainability initiative and aligns directly with our corporate value of long-term sustainability.” 

Headquartered in Fairbanks, Doyon is the largest private landowner in Alaska and one of the largest in North America. The corporation has subsidiaries in oilfield services, government contracting, and tourism. Its Anchorage-based oil drilling and exploration arm, Doyon Drilling, operates nine advanced rigs in some of the harshest environmental conditions on the continent.

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