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UAA Awarded $46M to Launch Arctic Domain Awareness Center

Jan 17, 2024 | Arctic, Government, News, Science

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US Senators Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski and Representative Mary Peltola welcomed the announcement that UAA was selected by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to lead a consortium of US academic institutions and other partners for a new Center of Excellence focused on Arctic research.

The Arctic Domain Awareness Center (ADAC-ARCTIC) will be awarded $46 million over a ten-year period to provide research and educational resources for DHS and other homeland security stakeholders to advance infrastructure and operational missions in the Arctic.

Fostering Collaboration

Alaska is the reason the United States is an Arctic nation, say Alaska delegation members. They applaud the selection of UAA as the location for the new Arctic Center of Excellence, having strongly advocated for an Alaska institution to house the ADAC-ARCTIC.

Because of the area’s rich natural resource potential, expanded transportation routes, strategic location, and unique environment, the Arctic is growing in global importance. UAA has a deep knowledge of the Arctic’s interests and concerns and is extremely qualified to research, innovate, strategize, and lead in the Arctic region. It clearly makes sense for the Center to be led by an Alaska institution, delegation members say.

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April 2024

According to DHS, the ADAC-ARCTIC will foster collaboration between government agencies, industry partners, local and indigenous communities, and academic institutions, bringing together experts from several fields, including cybersecurity, emergency management, and maritime security. The center will further develop homeland security in the Arctic by engaging in necessary research and providing education about the following:

  • Advancing all-domain situational awareness.
  • Improving understanding of risks and potential impacts.
  • Enabling adaptation for resilience.
  • Expanding collaboration and cooperation across the Homeland Security Enterprise.

For more information on the ADAC-ARCTIC Center for Excellence, click here.

Alaska Business April 2024 cover
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