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Toolik Field Station Joins New International Polar Research Network

Mar 22, 2024 | Arctic, News, Science

An aerial view of the UAF Toolik Field Station from 2019.

Jason Stuckey

UAF’s Toolik Field Station has partnered with the new Polar Research Infrastructure Network (PolarIN) to boost international collaboration in Arctic science.

Assisting Global Research

The project, coordinated by the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany, will increase international access to sixty-four field stations, vessels, and other polar research facilities across Europe, the Americas, and Antarctica. Researchers from the US will be able to apply for in-person or remote access to complete research at partnering PolarIN sites.

Toolik Field Station, operated and managed by the UAF’s Institute of Arctic Biology, is located in the northern foothills of the Brooks Range, 370 miles from Fairbanks and just off the Dalton Highway.

“This new network will enhance Toolik Field Station’s profile to international researchers and provide opportunities for US researchers to branch out to polar research infrastructures in other nations,” says Syndonia Bret-Harte, a UAF professor and the station’s science co-director.

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As one of two US partners in the network, Toolik Field Station will receive almost 64,000 euros (about $70,000 at recent exchange rates) from the European Union across four years to support international scientists at the station.

By facilitating cross-border access to polar regions, PolarIN will promote interdisciplinary research to address the rapid changes happening in the Arctic and Antarctic. Changes in these two regions are globally critical for understanding future climate.

“For the first time, we’ll be offering access to research infrastructures in the Arctic and Antarctic alike through a single project,” says Nicole Biebow, the project’s coordinator at the Alfred Wegener Institute. “We’ve created a network of interdisciplinary research infrastructures that encompasses all related research areas—from marine and terrestrial research to the atmosphere. It’s the only project of its kind.”

PolarIN will also improve online services and data access to boost cross-site collaboration and improve earth system modeling. The network plans to organize training opportunities to expand knowledge within the community on polar infrastructures. Seminars will be held to cover topics like fieldwork planning, sustainable research practices, data management and field safety training.

“The network will offer exciting, new opportunities for international collaboration in Arctic and Antarctic research,” Bret-Harte says.

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