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Doyon Technology Group Announces Launch of Arctic IT Government Solutions

Oct 4, 2023 | Alaska Native, Businesses, Telecom & Tech

Amynapaloha | Envato

Doyon Technology Group, a wholly-owned holding company of Doyon, Limited, an Alaska Native Corporation, announces an expansion of their portfolio of companies to include Arctic IT Government Solutions, a company dedicated to transforming government operations through innovation and efficiency.

Bridging Public Services and Communities

With a firm commitment to IT modernization, Arctic IT Government Solutions leverages cutting-edge technology to empower agencies and bridge the gap between public services and the communities they serve.

“We will leverage our experienced team to help government organizations improve operations while providing citizens with easy access to critical services,” says Tom Mercer, president of Doyon Technology Group. “Arctic IT Government Solutions recognizes these challenges and has positioned itself as a strategic partner for government agencies seeking to meet these demands head-on.”

Capable Leadership in Place

Arctic IT Government Solutions (AITGS) will be led by long-time Arctic IT executive Steve Schmitz, who will serve as president and general manager of AITGS.

“Steve brings many years of experience in government technology to this strategic role,” Mercer says. “He has built strong relationships among the federal sector and will leverage the strength of our experienced team to scale our operation.”

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Arctic IT was established in 2002 to serve Alaskans. The company has offices in Anchorage, Texas, Washington, and Maryland, through which it offers unique, scalable cloud-based business applications and security solutions nationwide.

AITGS is a technology company dedicated to driving innovation and efficiency in public services. With a deep commitment to enhancing transparency and accessibility, the company harnesses cutting-edge technology to empower government agencies to provide citizens easy access to vital information and services. AITGS offers a wide range of services and solutions tailored to meet the unique digital transformation initiatives of government organizations.

Doyon Technology Group is a management company that oversees the growing portfolio of Doyon, Limited’s technology companies, including designData, Arctic IT, and Arctic IT Government Solutions.

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