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Taylor Sanders

Taylor Sanders
Taylor Sanders


Taylor Sanders

Web Manager

If this website is a kitchen, then each page is a fluffy pastry, and Taylor Sanders is the chef. The Web Manager for Alaska Business spent ten years as a pastry chef and event coordinator after studying in Paris. In recent years, Taylor redirected her creative energies from pastry to pixels. She was certified as a web developer from the University of Washington. She is now pursuing a degree in computer science at UAA. Her most recent project was a website for the Philosophy Department about the relationships between human welfare and animal agriculture. Taylor’s responsibilities include posting articles to, maintaining and updating our site, managing our digital content, analytics, compiling the weekly Monitor e-newsletter, and generally bringing a fresh outlook to the magazine’s electronic publications. Originally from South Carolina, her native drawl only emerges when she gets excited. Her hobbies include hiking, travel and hanging out with her two French bulldog/Boston terrier mixes. She still bakes for fun, too. “It’s really nice and therapeutic, especially after a long week of work,” she says.

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March 2023
Since the ‘70s, conversations about US Arctic energy have been dominated by oil and gas. The importance, or even possibility, of diversification of energy sources often gets lost amid that noise at the state level.