Welcome to the 2021 Best of Alaska Business Awards!

Welcome to the 2021 Best of Alaska Business Awards!

2020 was quite the year—and there’s no better way to recognize the Alaska organizations that continue to go above and beyond to provide the products, services, and experiences that Alaskans rely on and love than to recognized them in the Best of Alaska Business awards.

As of March 31, voting has closed, but thanks to all of you, we had a record number of respondents this year! For the time being, your job is done: on July 1, check back right here (or in our print or digital magazine, or on our social media…. we get excited) to see the final results.

Thank you! See you July 1.

2021 Categories


Tour Company

Cannabis Retailer



Dental Clinic


International Cuisine



Fine Dining Restaurant

General Contractor

Trade Association


Design/Creative Agency

Accounting Firm

Law Firm

Bank/Credit Union

Telecommunications Provider

Corporate Citizen

Place to Work 1-250 Employees

Place to work 250+ Employees

Start Up Business

Corporate Adaptation to COVID-19

Virtual Event

Swag Supplier

Staffing Agency

Furniture Store

Need ideas on who’s the best of the best?

Check out the 2020 winners for some inspiration.

Need ideas on who’s the best of the best?

Check out the 2020 winners for some inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose the categories?

Each year, the Alaska Business editorial and management teams evaluate our list of categories for the survey. We consider current business and industry trends and the prior year’s data to refine the category list. We may add a new category if an exciting new business or trend comes to our attention or we may eliminate a category that is no longer applicable to you, our readers. We always take into account your feedback and we always appreciate hearing about categories you’d like to see added or nixed.

Does advertising influence the contest?

The readers’ choice survey is managed by our editorial department and is completely separate from advertising. The readers’ choice survey has no relationship with or effect on advertising, and vice versa.

Can a business or organization be a finalist if it’s located outside of the magazine’s coverage area?

In order to qualify as a finalist in the survey, the business or organization must have a physical presence within Alaska.

When will the winners be announced?

On July 1 you’ll be able to find the 2021 winners in our digital and print editions and on our website.

For now, you can see the full list and writeups of our 2020 winners in the Best of Alaska Business Special Section in our July print and digital editions; you can also find them on our lists page.

What happens if I win?

Winners receive a free digital copy of the Best of Alaska Business 2020 magazine cover design, which also indicates your winning category and your business or organization name. Winners can also purchase a framed award certificate with two window clings. (The framed award certificate is 14×17 inches and features a black wood frame.) The cost is $75 per framed award certificate and includes shipping and handling. Ordering opens on July 1 and closes on October 12. In addition, Best of Alaska Business 2020 winners are provided with an icon for the category they win. These icons can be used on websites and social media to showcase your status as a Best of Alaska Business winner.

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