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Serving Alaska since


“Over land, on the water, in the air – or in any combination – Lynden has been helping customers solve transportation problems for over a century. Operating in such challenging areas as Alaska, Western Canada, as well as other areas around the globe, Lynden has built a reputation of superior service to diverse industries including oil and gas, mining, construction, retail, seafood and manufacturing.”

Jon Burdick
Why Lynden?

Lynden is the leading transporter in Alaska covering the entire state and operating Alaska’s largest network of freight service centers.

a Lynden freight truck traveling on an Alaskan a highway
Lynden has been shipping to Alaska since 1954, serving transportation needs for the seafood, energy, construction, retail, and grocery industries.

Lynden utilizes multi-modal and dynamic routing by combining land, sea and air transport capabilities. Pay for the speed you need to meet your budget.


Lynden is customer driven. Lynden is committed to developing positive customer relationships and providing quality service.

Lynden’s EZ Commerce allows customers to follow their shipments and look up additional information whenever they need it.
What Lynden Does Every Day
Central Alaska
Central Alaska is home to the Port of Anchorage where 90% of the state’s goods pass through.
Central Alaska is the most accessible part of the state so providing quality and dynamic service to this territory is essential for Lynden. This region of the state can be accessed easily and therefore presents the most options for transport including steamship, barge, road, air and rail. Lynden provides services for many markets in Central Alaska including retail, grocery, oil field, military and seafood. Multimodal combinations allow for Lynden to ensure customers are receiving the service they need and the delivery time they desire.
Southeast Alaska
Southeast Alaska offers a unique landscape and is home to tight-knit communities.
All Southeast Alaska destinations are served by Lynden in some capacity. Some destinations are only accessible by boat or plane. Despite these limitations Lynden is able to provide quality service to their customers through multimodal transportation options. Lynden serves a variety of markets in Southeast Alaska including seafood, grocery, mining and more. Lynden puts their customers first and values the relationships formed in the communities they serve. Customers can count on Lynden to provide consistent arrival times with limited hours of variability.
Western Alaska/Arctic
Western Alaska and the Arctic region’s unique location, distinctive weather and dynamic market provides the opportunity for Lynden to be creative in their transportation solutions.
The territory presents challenges due to weather, infrastructure and geography. However, Lynden is prepared to answer customer needs by providing a mix of services including barges, aircraft and hovercraft. Lynden accommodates many industries in Western Alaska and the Arctic region, including but not limited to construction, seafood, healthcare, retail, machinery and vehicles.

Now hiring!

Truck Driving Opportunities
Drivers, your adventure starts here! Lynden offers many different driving options, along with opportunities for career growth. Lynden is looking for a range of driver positions including local, line haul, driving teams and owner operators.

Hear from our drivers, learn more about the program, and view current job openings at www.lynden.com/drive

Join our team!
Lynden is looking for motivated, talented and career-oriented individuals for positions open throughout Alaska and the Lower 48. We encourage our employees to grow and develop within the company and believe our diverse workforce contributes tremendously to our success. We offer excellent benefits including medical, dental, and vision!

Apply now at www.lynden.com/careers