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January 2018

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Welcome to the Drone Age

The general public may consider drones a fun (if somewhat expensive) hobby but what many may not know is that these commercial and government flying robots are revolutionizing the way Alaska companies and state and federal entities conduct business, as manpower is increasingly replaced by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

JA Inducts Four Laureates at 2018 Annual Alaska Business Hall of Fame

In 1987, Junior Achievement began the Alaska Business Hall of Fame to honor outstanding individual leaders of Alaska business. Since then, the Hall of Fame has become one of the state’s most prestigious events, inducting new laureates on an annual basis.

Welcome to 2018 and the Official Launch of Alaska Business

Happy New Year! We’re extremely excited for the upcoming year and so are many of you, according to the wide range of contributors to our 2018 Economic Outlook Special Section. Looking back at 2017, a variety of factors contributed to a less-than-stellar year for Alaska—tax credit cuts for the oil and gas industry, continued lower-for-longer oil prices, and the resulting trickle-down effect, to name a few— yet even those have not dampened the state’s hopeful expectations for the year ahead.

Junior Achievement Hall of Fame Laureate 2018 Chuck Robinson

Charles “Chuck” Robinson was a monumental figure in the development of communications in Alaska. Starting shortly after Alaska became the 49th state, Robinson worked at statewide White Alice Communication System sites for the military and continued his endeavors in the Last Frontier in telecommunications for the next five decades, serving as the president and CEO of Alascom; president and CEO of Pacific Telecom; and founder, chairman, and CEO of Alaska Communications Systems.

Keeping Cultural Traditions Alive with Modern Skills

All twelve of Alaska’s Native regional corporations offer a wealth of programs to help shareholders and descendants learn new jobs and skills, further their education, and learn more about their traditional cultures. It’s one of the things that sets these corporations apart from others in the Lower 48, and it’s an integral part of their dual corporate mandates to create wealth for shareholders via for-profit ventures and to foster shareholders’ educational, cultural, and social needs.

2018 Oil and Gas Forecast

While oil prices are expected to remain low for at least the next decade, Alaska got some good news in late 2017: oil production is rising.

New Year Offers Promise, Progress for Liberty Project

If was just one word to describe the long-in-the-making Liberty Project slated for Alaska’s North Slope—a light-oil drilling operation that would boast a man-made 9.3-acre island and is projected to cost more than $1 billion—it would likely be “arduous.”

Economic Outlook 2018

Member of Alaska's business community weigh in on their perspectives for the coming year.

The Grand Bargain

For most employers in Alaska, workers’ compensation insurance is an integral part of operating a business. Workers' compensation is a system of insurance that protects workers and employers from some of the losses caused by on-the-job accidents and job-related illnesses. Before the system was implemented, injured workers would have to sue their employers for negligence to receive compensation. However, proving negligence was a time-consuming and costly endeavor for the injured worker as well as the employer.

Rural Development Loans Benefit Businesses, Communities throughout Alaska

Rural development loans are an important type of funding designed to help improve the economy and quality of life for Alaskans in small communities around the state.

Optimism for 2018 and Beyond in Alaska’s Resource Development Community

The Pebble Project has gotten new life, drilling in ANWR was approved in a very short amount of time, lease sales in the NPR-A have been held, and Italian giant Eni received approval to drill offshore. With all of these wins in such a short amount of time, its hard not to see Alaska’s glass as half—heck—three-quarters full.
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