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The Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network

Prevention Focused – Response Ready

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Created in 2011 by Alaska maritime industry stakeholders, the Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network (the Network) is a nonprofit that provides vessels unparalleled protection as they navigate Alaska waters. The Network assists the operators of enrolled tank and non-tank vessels in maintaining compliance with U.S. oil spill and pollution prevention regulations, simultaneously protecting mariners and preserving Alaska’s unique marine environment. Network enrollees have full access to an array of resources including spill response and 24/7 vessel tracking.

While incident response and mobilization are key components of our work, we believe that avoiding an incident in the first place is preferable than responding in the aftermath. As a result, Network enrollees agree to risk reduction measures developed by the Network in collaboration with stakeholders and the U. S. Coast Guard. These measures include: providing advance notice of transits sailings, sailing on predetermined routes to mitigate risk, and timely notification of an occurrence.

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Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network

Buddy Custard, President & CEO
[email protected]

Jessica Wright, Business Manager
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Enrollment Coordinator
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“We are committed to helping your vessels safely sail through Alaska waters, protecting the environment and your reputation, and ensuring our participants remain in compliance with U.S. federal regulations. Prevention focused – Response Ready is our guiding principle. Our strength is built through our many partnerships in the areas of prevention, response, and research and development. The partnerships we have created are pioneering new ground, enhancing our capabilities in protecting your crews, cargo, and Alaska’s coastline.”

Buddy Custard, President and CEO of The Network.

Buddy Custard

President & CEO

The Network

Buddy Custard, President and CEO of The Network.

Buddy Custard

President & CEO

The Network

Capabilities of the Network’s partners include…

27+ miles of boom

17 local response hubs

24/7 live person monitoring

21 Barges of Opportunity

47 Vessels of Opportunity

69 Skimming Units

Sea Strike: 146′ Oil Spill Response Vessel

Kittiwake: 264’ Oil Spill Response Barge

Ocean Liberty: 166′ Oil Spill Response Vessel


The Network’s vessel Monitoring Center is operated by the Marine Exchange of Alaska, a nonprofit organization based in Juneau, AK, that monitors over 1.5 million square miles of water to protect the unique and pristine marine maritime environment of the Last Frontier.

The Monitoring Center allows for the early detection of a potential incident to quickly render assistance. This allows the Network to make timely notifications to response organizations and agencies to mobilize assets early, thus mitigating the likelihood of the incident from escalating or to minimize the consequences of the incident should the vessel spill oil. The Monitoring Center also assists vessels masters with deviation requests and monitors real-time locations of response assets in Alaska.


The Network’s membership in the Alaska Chadux Corporation (Chadux) means enrollees have access to the most oil spill response capabilities in Western Alaska that can be activated quickly should an incident occur.

Chadux is a nonprofit oil spill response organization based in Anchorage, AK, with 17 response-ready equipment hubs throughout Southcentral and Western Alaska. Chadux has been successfully operating in Alaska for over 25 years. They are a U.S. Coast Guard classified Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO), a State of Alaska-registered Primary Response Action Contractor (PRAC), and a Non-tank Vessel Cleanup Contractor (NTCC). Chadux’s dedicated and highly trained staff, coupled with their extensive equipment inventory, provides unparalleled response services.


The Network’s Research and Development operation is world-class. In collaboration with Glosten (a naval architecture and marine engineering firm) and Samson Rope Technologies, the Network has pioneered an innovative emergency towing system for disabled vessels.

The Emergency Vessel Attachment & Towing System (EVATSTM) is designed to overcome some of the most dangerous aspects of rescue towing, such as unusual deck hardware stress, complications from foul weather allowing faster deployment, more secure connections, and safer operations for vessel crews. The system is distributed by Samson Rope Technologies.

Strength Through Partnerships

The Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network has assembled a vast network of partnerships to enhance risk mitigation measures in preventing an oil spill from occurring and to effectively respond to an oil spill incident should they be needed. These partnerships give us access to a broader range of resources and expertise, such as vessel tracking and monitoring, oil spill responders, tug companies, barge operators, aviation and ground transportation companies, wildlife injury support organizations, and salvage and marine firefighting companies to mention a few.

As a nonprofit driven to support our customers, our partnerships deliver a greater impact than any single organization could generate on its own. Our alliances increase our influence in the oil spill risk mitigation and response industry to shape policies and achieve greater economies of program scale to manage and deliver our programs. This allows us to strengthen and expand our programs and capabilities by leveraging the expertise of our partner companies and streamline operations to improve efficiency.

Crews, Cargo, and Alaska’s Coastline deserve protection. Enroll in the Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network to maximize your vessel safety and response preparedness in meeting vessel response plan U.S. federal regulations. See how we protect Alaska Seas at AlaskaSeas.org.