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RISQ Consulting is a full-service insurance broker that provides specialized risk management, customized insurance programs, and comprehensive employer services for a wide range of industries, businesses, and individuals. We pride ourselves at evaluating your business as a whole in order to develop a unique risk management strategy tailored exactly to your business’ needs.

The team at RISQ Consulting is skilled at finding the right solution for your business. We have extensive industry knowledge and provide out-of-the-box ideas to our clients so they avoid spending unnecessary amounts of time and money. We also take a proactive approach to each client’s needs and continuously monitor your risk portfolio to ensure it evolves as your business evolves.

RISQ Consulting is also part of Acrisure, a network of partner agencies located across the United States, and now the fourth largest independent insurance agency in the country. As an Acrisure agency partner, RISQ has access to extensive national resources including HR Consultants, actuarial experts, legal teams, and more, all while still giving your business local expertise and attention.

Company Details

General Information

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Joshua Weinstein, DIA
President, Employee Benefits | Employee Benefits Consultant | Partner
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Tim Maudsley
President, Property & Casualty | Partner
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Tiffany Stock
Vice President, Marketing & Client Relations | Employee Benefits Consultant | Partner
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“We believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to finding the best risk management for your business. That’s why we take the time to learn the unique aspects of your business to create something truly tailored to you.”

Josh Weinstein


Employee Benefits Division


RISQ Consulting is the product of two long-standing Alaskan businesses coming together—Northrim Benefits Group and Insurance Brokers of Alaska. This combination allowed us to provide all-inclusive solutions to our clients and advance our industry knowledge and experience. We use that knowledge and experience to tirelessly help Alaskans analyze, manage, and mitigate risks.

As the largest and fastest growing insurance brokerage in Alaska, RISQ Consulting has the privilege of working with businesses and organizations throughout the state so we understand the challenges unique to Alaska. Whether you operate a small business out of your home or run a large organization, RISQ Consulting finds the right risk management program for you. If you’ve got people, property, or products—we’ve got you covered!

Products & Services

RISQ Consulting is more than just insurance. We believe that taking a holistic approach is the key to solving any business problem. That’s why we created the Business HealthIQ™, a proprietary process that allows us to identify risks and strengths within your business.

Business HealthIQ™ focuses on five key areas of risk: workforce strategy, compliance, technology, benefits, and risk management. This process allows us to identify areas in which your business may be spending too much time or money. Based on your unique results, we create a customized roadmap including an action plan to help you address and mitigate identified exposures. Then, a year-round review process is implemented monitor changes in your risk portfolio.

Services & Capabilities

Employee Benefits

Commercial & Business Insurance Solutions

Employer Services

Specialty Insurance Solutions

Individual & Family Solutions


RISQ Consulting is always looking for innovative thinkers to join our team. Our passionate leadership group, enthusiastic atmosphere, and competitive, dynamic benefits package are just the start of why we all love working at RISQ Consulting.

If insurance is your thing, you enjoy helping others, or being surrounded by great people, RISQ Consulting may be the place for you.


RISQ Consulting is invested in your success and strives to add value to your organization. Our goal is to build a long-term partnership with you so we can help tackle any risk that you may encounter as your organization evolves.

RISQ Consulting is invested in your success and strives to add value to your organization. Our goal is to build a long-term partnership with you so we can help tackle any risk that you may encounter as your organization evolves.

Get smart about your risk and schedule your Business HealthIQ™ today!