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Passenger and Air Cargo Charter Solutions

Arctic On-Demand helps Alaskan companies solve their unique air charter needs by providing cost-effective and reliable passenger and air cargo solutions.
Our team helps clients find aircraft capacity from multiple air charter carriers in Alaska while quickly comparing bids. This process streamlines the legwork of finding the best available air charter option while saving you a significant amount of time and money.
Arctic On-Demand helping passengers onto their plane
Arctic On-Demand flying cargo

Whether you are looking to move cargo across Alaska or need to charter a flight to move personnel in-state, Arctic On-Demand is here to help. Our team provides mission-critical air solutions for businesses that require a high level of service and reliable logistics.

We have the largest on-demand network of asset-based air carriers in Alaska. Our proprietary bid board technology helps connect you with available carriers and easily shop and compare bids.

Portal solution graphic
Example of how the proprietary Arctic On-Demand Portal System works

Air Charter Solutions

Our network of Alaska-based air carriers provides solutions to a wide range of transportation needs.

With over 300 different air carriers in Alaska, our team has access to an extensive network of air charter options, serving all areas within Alaska. Arctic On-Demand has experience working with business teams, hunters, fishers, and individual families.

Our partner network can help you with air charter solutions for:


Passenger and cargo







Cargo plane airborne in Alaska

Our Client Value Proposition


Intuitive bid board system to help find your best air charter option


Diverse aircraft types provide the best match for your freight/passenger needs


Flight tracking via the charter tracking portal on our smartphone app


Expansive carrier network


Extensive carrier review and approval process


Web-based portal with real-time visibility and communication


24/7/365 customer service coverage

Rebecca and Candice working in the office

Helping In-State Air Carriers

Airport runway in Alaska
Arctic On-Demand helps air carriers in Alaska fill unmet capacity.

If you are an in-state air carrier in Alaska and want to learn more about partnering with our Arctic On-Demand and our bid board system, contact us for more information.

Our team carefully vets all contract partners to ensure safe and reliable services to our client base. Once a new carrier is selected, we provide training on correctly using the bid board system with 24/7/365 customer service.

Customer Service

Rates graphic
front of the plane on a wintery runway in Alaska
Customer service is a founding principle at Arctic On-Demand.

We value our client relationships and work hard to provide the best solutions and customer service possible. Our experienced team is available 24/7/365.

Quotes/ Testimonials

Terry Abarro
Copper River Seafoods
Copper River Seafoods logo
“We appreciate all of the hard work, dedication, professional and excellent customer service that you have provided and will continue to provide to Copper River Seafoods. You are truly an asset!”
Nic Cunningham
Regal Air
Regal Air logo
“Arctic On-Demand connected us with customers and loads that we might not have otherwise. A professional and friendly staff – another great business helping to keep Alaska’s aviation, rural areas, and cargo all connected! THANKS, AOD!”
Your Flight, On-Demand. Contact us now for your charter needs.
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Contact Us
4451 Aircraft Drive, Suite 226, Anchorage, AK 99502
Customer Service: 907.206.6075
Rebecca Clark smiling in the hanger
Rebecca Clark
Managing Director
[email protected]
Candice Quales smiling against an arctic background
Candice Quales
Client Support Manager
[email protected]