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Northern News from a Massive Conference

Northern News from a Massive Conference

More than 25,000 scientists traveled to San Francisco for the week-long conference to present their research on classic hard-science subjects and a few surprises, including the migration of creatures ranging from Alaska earthworms to humans threatened by rising sea level.

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The Art of Architecture

February 2020

Architects often find themselves facing something of a chicken and egg dilemma. When it comes to design, what takes precedence—form or function?

“It’s a great question, and it’s probably a loaded question,” says David McVeigh, president of RIM Architects. “You can ask ten different architects and get ten different answers.”

Many of the factors that influence those answers land outside the architect’s control. The client’s vision for the building, its location and intended use, the project budget, and whether the design must conform to specific guidelines are all details the architect must consider when determining how much emphasis to place on aesthetics and how much on function.