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Policygenius and Alaska USA Insurance Brokers Collaborate on Financial Protection

Oct 6, 2021 | Finance, News

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Alaska USA Insurance Brokers and Policygenius announced a new collaboration to offer life insurance fulfillment to Alaska USA customers through the Policygenius online platform. The collaboration enhances the already exceptional variety of services that clients have come to expect from Alaska USA Insurance Brokers.

Policygenius has placed more than $120 billion in coverage and is one of the largest term life insurance broker platforms in the United States. Alaska USA Insurance Brokers is a subsidiary of Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, a prominent credit union with more than 700,000 members worldwide. Alaska USA chose to partner with Policygenius due to its top-tier platform, accelerated life insurance product offerings, and ability to help people save on insurance through comparing quotes.

“Alaska USA Insurance Brokers and Policygenius share a number of values that make us a good fit, including a commitment to the financial wellbeing of our clients and an emphasis on having a fully informed client base,” says Julia Niziolek, president of Alaska USA Insurance Brokers. “Life insurance is vital to a comprehensive financial plan. Those who are just getting started on their financial journey, or who have been earning and saving money for a while, deserve to have excellent life insurance options to protect their loved ones and assets.”

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“We’re committed to helping people get the financial protection they need to protect themselves and their families,” says Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO and co-founder of Policygenius. “We’re happy to support Alaska USA in providing life insurance to their membership base.”

The Alaska USA Insurance Brokers and Policygenius collaboration began with a soft launch earlier in 2021. By collaborating with Policygenius, Alaska USA is expanding the scope of financial services it introduces to its members.

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