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Big Data and Hadoop Developer Training

April 27 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Hadoop is an open-source, a Java-based programming framework that continues the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment. It based on the Google File System or GFS and Hadoop runs few applications on distributed systems with thousands of nodes involving petabytes of information.

Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification course is designed to prepare you for your next assignment in the world of Big Data. Hadoop is the market leader among Big Data Technologies and it is an important skill for every professional in this field.

Big data course also prepares you for the Cloudera CCA175 certification with simulation exams and real-life projetcs on CloudLabs. The Cloudera certification is the most sought after big data certification in the industry. After completing the Instil Learning’s Hadoop training, you will be exam ready for the Cloudera certification and job-ready for your next Big Data Assignment.

Key Features:
32 hours of instructor-led training
60 days of E-learning
5 real-life industry projects in banking, telecom, insurance, and e-commerce domains
40 hours of Hands-on practice with CloudLabs
60 hours of project work
Includes training on Yarn, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Impala, HBase, and Apache Spark
Exams fee included
What is Big Data and Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open source, Java based framework used for storing and processing big data. The data is stored on inexpensive commodity servers that run as clusters. Its distributed file system enables concurrent processing and fault tolerance.

What is Big Data?

It does not refer to a specific amount of data, but rather describes a dataset that cannot be stored or processed using traditional database software. Examples of big data include the Google search index, the database of Facebook user profiles, and Amazon.com’s product list.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open-source software framework for storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware. It provides massive storage for any kind of data, enormous processing power and the ability to handle virtually limitless concurrent tasks or jobs.

Who needs to attend?

Big Data career opportunities are on the rise, and Hadoop is quickly becoming a Must-know technology for the following professionals:

Software Developers and Architects
Analytics Professionals
Data Management Professionals
Business Intelligence Professionals
Project Managers
Aspiring Data Scientists
Graduates looking to build a career in Big Data Analytics
Anyone interested in Big Data Analytics
What is this course about?
After completing this course, you will be able to:

Master the concepts of the Hadoop framework and its deployment in a cluster environment
Understand how the Hadoop ecosystem fits in with the data processing lifecycle
Learn to write complex MapReduce programs
Describe how to ingest data using Sqoop and Flume
Explain the process of distributing data using Spark
Learn about Spark SQL, Graphx, MLlib
List the best practices for data storage
Explain how to model structured data as tables with Impala and Hive
How to choose data storage format for your data usage patterns


April 27
9:00 am - 5:00 pm