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Carter Damaska
Carter Damaska
Carter Damaska


Carter Damaska

Social Media Manager

Amor vincit omnia, and it was amor that brought Carter Damaska to Alaska. Originally from Michigan, the Social Media Manager for Alaska Business became a de facto resident in 2021 after visiting his girlfriend here nearly a dozen times and he decided to carpe diem. A bona fide scholar, Carter learned Latin at his alma mater, Hope College, toward a degree in history and classical studies. He would rather have pursued a career as an auto mechanic, being able to identify makes and models at a glance, but underneath the hood, he says, he’s lost beyond checking the oil. Ergo, Carter made a living as a photographer. Shooting weddings, birthdays, corporate events, et cetera led him into videography and web design, and those skills qualify him to manage this magazine’s digital content. While the website waits for visitors, Carter seeks out an audience by engaging them through social media platforms. As Carter might say, “Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.”

Alaska Business March 2023 cover
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Arctic Alternatives
March 2023
Since the ‘70s, conversations about US Arctic energy have been dominated by oil and gas. The importance, or even possibility, of diversification of energy sources often gets lost amid that noise at the state level.