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Alaska’s Largest Local Businesses

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2023 Top 49ers

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Alaska’s Top Locally-Owned Companies Ranked by Gross Revenue

We’re gearing up for the 2022 Top 49ers! This year we’re planning a hybrid event that will include an in-person luncheon as well as virtual access to our live presentation. While the luncheon will feel familiar for those who have attended before, we are adding to the adventure this year: we’re going to include an Executive Q&A as well as an after-presentation social event with ice cream, photographs, and networking.

This year Alaska Business has created several opportunities for businesses to sponsor the Top 49ers event. Whether your company is a Top 49er or not, this is an amazing opportunity to associate your brand with some of Alaska’s largest locally grown and operated businesses. We hope to see you there!

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What Makes a Top 49ers?

The Top 49ers list consists of locally owned businesses ranked by gross revenue.

Top 49ers are 1) founded in Alaska and 2) headquartered here. For details see the full Top 49ers Criteria.

Top 49ers are ranked by gross revenue, not profits, assets, or assets managed.
Top 49ers self-report their revenue, number of employees, and current activities.

Top 49ers Data—At Your Fingertips

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Watch the 2022 Live Presentation & Executive Q&A →

Every year Alaska Business counts down the highest grossing Alaska-based companies. On September 30, we celebrated with our annual Live Presentation. Watch Jason Martin and Charles Bell present the 2022 list, along with visually dynamic Top 49ers data!

Watch the Virtual Presentation and Executive Q&A

Every year, Alaska Business counts down the highest grossing Alaska-owned companies. On October 1, our annual celebration went virtual. Watch Jason Martin and Charles Bell present the 2020 list and provide visually dynamic data related to the Top 49ers!

Following the Top 49ers Virtual Presentation, several leaders from Top 49er organizations joined Alaska Business’ Charles Bell and Jason Martin for a special Executive Q&A, answering questions from virtual attendees. Watch the Q&A session below, featuring Michelle Anderson, President and CEO of Ahtna, Incorporated; Richard Glenn, Executive Vice President External Affairs of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation; McHugh Pierre, President and CEO of Goldbelt, Incorporated; and James Wileman, President and CEO of Credit Union 1.