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‘Tis the season for frozen basketball hoops and cars

Move it, move it, move it...


It’s October in Alaska and our world has changed.  The ground is white, intersections are slick, holiday decorations are up, rude moose are eating jack-o ’lanterns BEFORE Halloween, and basketball hoops are frozen to the sidewalk.  Popsicle.  Stuck.  Immobile.  This is a problem.


The good folks at Municipal Street Maintenance are gearing up for snow plowing season and they’re noticing all of the hoops that have not yet been put away for winter.  Hitting one of these monstrosities is bad for plows and even worse for the hoops.  So please pull out your crowbar, hacksaw, blow-torch, whatever…. and pry those hoops off the ground so they may be stored on private property for the winter. And while you’re at it, the same needs to be done for any vehicle that hasn’t moved off the street since last week’s snow.  You REALLY don’t want to get stuck with a tow fee if the City is forced to remove that car for you.


Let’s band together and make the streets and sidewalks clear for both snow plow drivers and costume-clad children who will be out in mass collecting non-dentist-approved treats this Monday evening.


Muni Code 9.30.150 – Parking for longer than 24 hours – No person may park a vehicle on any street, vehicular way or area, or municipally owned parking lot for a period of time longer than 24 hours, except from Friday noon until Monday noon.


Muni Code 24.90.030 – Unauthorized encroachments (i.e. basketball hoops) shall be subject to immediate removal by the owner upon notification by the municipality. Failure to comply may cause the municipality to remove the encroachment and assess you all costs incurred to remove it including any and all administration costs and attorney fees.


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