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Northern Region - Seasonal WR Notice 2016


This notice is to remind the public and the trucking industry that seasonal weight/load restrictions will be imposed soon by the Department on its highway system for all vehicles over 10,000# GVW. These annual weight restrictions are utilized to reduce roadway damage caused by heavy vehicles traveling on highways weakened during spring break-up conditions.  The weight restrictions are stated as a percentage of legal allowable weight and shall be applied to the maximum axle loading in accordance with 17 AAC 25.013(e).


These annual restrictions are very dependent upon weather, local soil conditions, and frost depth, but usually occur between late-March and early June each year for Interior Alaska.   Since these limitations may reduce the allowable gross vehicle weight by as much as 50%, it would be advisable to transport as much freight as possible prior to the above dates. All State routes, including the Dalton Highway, may be subject to seasonal weight restrictions.


Please be advised the DOT&PF are anticipating on place Weight Restrictions on a portion of the Elliott Highway from Approx. MP 72-104 (Intersection with the Dalton Highway to Manley). Roadways which lead off of this portion of the Elliott Highway (Minto Road and Tofty Road) may also be restricted. There are no specifics restrictions being issued at this time but please see the link below for future notices.


When imposed, or modified, these restrictions will be posted on the DOT&PF Division of Measurement Standards and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement webpage. This can be found at: http://www.dot.alaska.gov/mscve/index.cfm. Click the “Commercial Vehicle Enforcement” link along the top of the page, and then “Weight Restrictions”. Choose the latest Northern Region listing to view the current version of our posted seasonal weight restriction notices.


The Department of Public Safety and MSCVE officers will be enforcing these restrictions.


Issued by: Jason Sakalaskas, Northern Region M&O Engineer

Phone: 907-451-2214, Fax: 1-907-451-5153, E-mail: jason.sakalaskas@alaska.gov


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