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GasBuddy Reveals the Cheapest Places to Fill Up in 2015

Arco, Costco, Quik Stop, Rotten Robbie and Food 4 Less receive “Low Price” honors in annual survey


GAITHERSBURG, Md. (Jan. 20, 2016) – GasBuddy, the leading app that helps consumers find the cheapest gas, today recognizes the retail brands that have provided the most competitive gasoline pricing in 2015 based on the data submitted by the large network of GasBuddy price spotters. The winners are awarded by size category and by state.

GasBuddy Low Price winners are selected by combing through the 657 million individual price submissions and comparing each brand’s pump offering (by zip code) to the average price of local competitors. It then tabulates the results, rating each brand by the average discount it delivered versus the average pump prices in its competitive area.

“Each day, millions of drivers utilize GasBuddy for real-time information on where is the cheapest place to fuel up,” said Jason Toews, co-founder of GasBuddy. “We are happy to once again honor the retailers across the nation that provide low prices based on the data we have collected by GasBuddy price spotters.”

GasBuddy Low Price Winners By Size

Overall: Costco
For the forth year in a row, the wholesale club Costco came in at the top as providing the most value. On any given day in 2015, the average Costco was priced more than 19.8cts/gal lower than its competitors. It was also number one in 12 different states, the most of any brand, and in the large brand category (100 to 999 stores).

Extra Large (1000+ stores): Arco
Western marketer Arco takes the prize for the extra-large brands, and third overall, with their gas averaging 17.6cts below its neighbors. Arco is the only traditional gasoline retailer to make it to GasBuddy’s Top 25 list this year.

Medium (50 to 99 stores): Quik Stop
Northern California based Quik Stop was the most aggressive traditional convenience store, taking the highest slot in the medium class and second overall. Quik Stop priced its stations at 17.8cts/gal below competitors.
Small (25 to 49 stores): Rotten Robbie
The California chain has a 13.7ct average discount over its local competition.

Extra Small (24 or less stores): Food 4 Less
Food 4 Less, a warehouse store grocery chain, currently owned by Kroger, with pumps located throughout Southern California comes in first for extra small stores, offering gas for 18.8cts on average below regional market price.

The complete list and full breakdown can be found here:

Due to variances such as regional taxes, market-share, etc., these lists don’t guarantee that the brands will always be the cheapest but strive to offer a general overview of those that have consistently been consumer-friendly in pricing. Always check the free GasBuddy app (http://www.gasbuddy.com/app) to find the most current cheapest gas stations around.


About GasBuddy.com
GasBuddy helps consumers find cheap gas. With over 53 millions downloads, GasBuddy is home to the world’s largest network of people working together daily to outsmart the pump. The app and website have the most real-time fuel prices at over 130,000 unique stations in the United States and Canada. From price hike alerts to exclusive discounts on favorite brands, GasBuddy is the most comprehensive money saving companion while on the road. To download the free GasBuddy app for iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows, visit www.gasbuddy.com/app


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