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Aleut Corporation Launches New Port of Adak Website

Deepwater port is accessible year round


September 3, 2015 – The Aleut Corporation has launched a new website, www.portofadak.com, showcasing the importance of the Port of Adak’s strategic location and unique capabilities. The deepwater port is accessible year round because unlike most other ports in Alaska, the Port of Adak remains ice-free.


Its close proximity to the Arctic makes it a vital tool for a diverse group of Alaska industries, which include transshipping, oilfield services, offshore companies, and fisheries. The Port of Adak website is the source of information for industry leaders.


“We are thrilled to launch this new site, we see some one-of-a-kind opportunities on the horizon for the Port of Adak,” said Matthew Fagnani, Aleut Corporation CEO. “The Port of Adak is a true gateway to the Arctic, an investment in the Port of Adak is an investment in the future of Alaska’s most valuable and productive industries.”   


The new website is a testament to the bright future the Aleut Corporation envisions for the Port of Adak. Currently the corporation is forming new partnerships with domestic and international industry leaders, as it positions itself for the future of off-shore oil and gas exploration projects and expansion to arctic shipping routes.


About the Aleut Corporation
The Aleut Corporation is one of the thirteen regional Native corporations that was established in 1972 under the terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. Operations of the Aleut Corporation and subsidiaries include Government Contracting, Telecommunications, Environmental Remediation, Fuel Sales, and Real Estate Management. Our Company also participates in various partnerships, joint ventures and other business activities.


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