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Texting While Driving Laws Work -- 4 states without statewide ban have 17% higher rate of texting while driving


April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and today AT&T released new research as part of the AT&T It Can Wait campaign. Through anonymous algorithms and analysis, AT&T’s data scientists were able to estimate the rates of texting while driving across the U.S. and found that states like Alaska, which have statewide anti-texting laws, have lower rates of texting while driving – at a statistically significant level.

According to the data, the four states without a statewide ban (AZ, MO, MT, TX) have a roughly 17 percent higher rate of texting while driving than the 46 states with statewide bans.  So what does this mean? This shows us what people actually do, versus what they say they do. Remember, while over 90% say they know texting while driving & distracted driving is dangerous, 71% continue to engage with their smartphone behind the wheel (AT&T Survey, 2015). 

A report about the study is available here: http://about.att.com/innovationblog/041116antitextinglaw


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