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Quintillion Names Community Liaisons

Landing site construction is underway; Subsea cable lay begins later this summer


Alaska route map showing Phase 1.


Quintillion, the Anchorage-based company building the subsea fiber optic network that will serve the Alaska Arctic has hired six Alaskans as the Community Liaisons for this summer’s construction. Work is underway in the landing site communities that will be served by Phase I of the Quintillion project: Nome, Kotzebue, Pt. Hope, Wainwright, Barrow and Deadhorse.


The Community Liaisons are Denise Michels, Nome; Reggie Joule, Kotzebue; Van D. Edwardsen, Barrow; Bessie Kowunna and Isaac Killigvuk, Pt. Hope; and JC Griffin, Wainwright.


“As an Alaskan company, managed by Alaskans, Quintillion is committed to keeping the residents of these communities informed,” said CEO Elizabeth Pierce. “We have hired Alaskans with long track records of public service and community involvement and we are thrilled they have joined our team.”


The Quintillion Subsea Cable System will connect Asia to Western Europe via the southern portion of the Northwest Passage through the Alaskan and Canadian Arctic.  Construction activities are currently underway to complete the first phase (Alaska) segment, which includes development of a subsea trunk line from Prudhoe Bay to Nome with branching lines to Deadhorse, Barrow, Wainwright, Pt. Hope, Kotzebue and Nome. An affiliate company is also installing a fiber-optic cable between Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay that will connect these northern Alaska communities to the Pacific Northwest.


Work is underway on landing site construction including the burying of conduit that will eventually connect to the branch line that will run offshore and connect to the subsea trunk line. Terrestrial work will continue through this summer; ships are scheduled to begin laying the main subsea trunk cable in June and finish in October. In-service delivery of the fiber optic system is expected in early 2017.


Quintillion is a private operator that contracts to sell capacity on a wholesale basis on its network. Quintillion’s system provides access to substantially improved service quality for telecommunications providers while reducing the cost of backhaul infrastructure compared to existing satellite and microwave technologies. Introduction of high-speed Internet will enable improved health and education services, spur economic development, empower local businesses, and allow consumers access to video and other high-speed applications. The Quintillion network will stimulate and diversify Alaska’s economy by enabling 21st century technology in the Arctic.


About Quintillion
Quintillion, led by CEO Elizabeth Pierce, is headquartered in Anchorage and is the company that is building and will operate the Quintillion Subsea Cable System, bringing affordable high-speed Internet access to the Arctic for the first time. Route maps and other information are available at Qexpressnet.com.


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