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New Product will Enable People with Diabetes to Wirelessly Transmit their Blood Sugar Levels Wirelessly Via AT&T Network

YOFiMeter™ to Connect Glucose Meter with AT&T; Connected Glucose Meter Wirelessly Transmits Patient Data to Caregivers


YOFiMeter works with a diverse team of endocrinologists, practitioners, healthcare institutions, patients and other stakeholders to create a device with a “clean slate” approach, a device that fits into their lives without disrupting it. “YOFiMeter believes in a ’clean slate’ approach to connected health devices, making it easier for patients to fit into their lives without disruption,” said Gad Shaanan, inventor and founder of YOFiMeter. “The fundamental thought was not to invent technologies for testing, but to invent a new experience of testing, recording and tracking data.

Photo courtesy of AT&T

January 5, 2015AT&T1 and YOFiMeter™ have reached an agreement that will enable people with diabetes to wirelessly transmit their blood sugar levels, other biometric data and voice notes. Once cleared by the FDA, the YOFiMeter Connected Glucose Meter will open another line of communication between caregivers and patients over AT&T’s highly secure network.

“Today’s blood glucose meters require multiple steps to take a basic blood glucose reading. Repeating the process multiple times per day makes it cumbersome, enticing consumers to skip tests,” Shannan said. YOFiMeter accomplishes this and more within seconds, from pulling it out of your pocket to putting it back. YOFiMeter is ready anytime, anywhere, with the ability to test on the go, without skipping a beat. We know consumers, and the value of removing barriers and time required of a process that needs to be repeated multiple times a day.” 

“For those managing diabetes, it’s important to stay proactive. Using our network, AT&T is helping caregivers and providers deliver a seamless experience that gives patients the information they need to take control of their health,” Chris Penrose, senior vice president, AT&T Internet of Things. “YOFiMeter’s connected glucose meter is a great example of how technology, particularly when it can be taken with you and stay connected, is solving real healthcare problems.”

YofiMeter is working with the FDA on the clearance process with production expected to start in early 2016. For more information about YOFiMeter go to www.yofimeter.com.

1AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

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