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New GCI stealth cell tower in Rogers Park expands coverage, capacity

Imitating trees, stealth towers fill coverage gaps in Anchorage Bowl


ANCHORAGE, Alaska – A new cell tower in Anchorage’s Rogers Park neighborhood is providing greater capacity and coverage to GCI customers in Alaska’s largest city.

The new tower fills a gap in coverage that GCI identified during network testing. Funding for the $750,000 project was approved in 2014, and, since then, GCI crews have worked to permit and build the new site.

“We presented three options, in three different locations, to the community that would meet our coverage needs,” said GCI Project Manager Travis Drake. “The stealth mono pine tree option at the neighborhood church was the option that the community council liked best. The other two options were proposed co-locations on electrical utility poles.”

GCI’s three stealth cell towers, disguised as spruce trees, fit seamlessly into the landscapes of Rogers Park, Kincaid Park and Birchwood.

The Rogers Park tower project is part of a $30 million commitment by GCI this year to expand and upgrade wireless communication throughout the state.

Since 1979, GCI has invested over $3 billion to bring the latest telecommunication technologies to Alaska, reflecting GCI’s ongoing commitment to the innovation Alaska needs to support industry, education, safety, livability and more for today and the future. 

About GCI

GCI delivers communication and technology services in the consumer and business markets. Headquartered in Alaska with additional locations in the U.S., GCI has delivered services for more than 35 years to some of the most remote communities and in some of the most challenging conditions in North America. Learn more about GCI athttp://www.gci.com

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