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GCI leads Alaska in Market Cap


ANCHORAGE, Alaksa – General Communications Inc. (NYSE: GNCMA) has weighed in as the largest company in Alaska by market cap with a value of $553.88 million, snatching the distinction from other strong Alaska-based companies like AT&T Alascom and Bering Air. The data, originally acquired from Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance on Nov. 4, comes courtesy of a map produced by Broadview Networks. Broadview’s map shows the largest company in each state by market capitalization.

Investors often look at market cap instead of other metrics like total revenue or gross profit—market cap provides the total dollar amount of a company’s outstanding shares, thus revealing a company’s worth in the open market and the risk of buying a particular share.

General Communications, a repeat first place winner, is one of three telecomm companies in the United States to lead its state in market cap value.

Readers will note the 50 companies represented on the map do not necessarily represent the 50 largest companies in the United States. AT&T, the second-most valuable company in Texas by market cap, holds a market cap value of $233.62 billion. That amount far exceeds the value of General Communications Inc. of Alaska, for instance, which retains first place in its state despite a market cap value of only $553.99 million.

The following list organizes each state winner by industry, as defined by Bloomberg Markets; visit Broadview Networks to see the largest company in each state by market cap as well as the dollar amount.

Financial institutions account for seven first place companies, while utilities follow with six. Industries with four state winners include materials, food/beverage, healthcare, and tech.


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