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A COW at The Arctic Thunder Air Show?

AT&T deploys 'Cell site On Wheels'


AT&T COW onsite at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson is ready to handle huge influx of network traffic at the air show this weekend.


More than 100,000 people are expected to descend on the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson this weekend for the Arctic Thunder 2016 Air Show.  They will make calls and send texts to meet up with family and friends, take photos, shoot video, check in on social media networks, and much more from their smartphones.   


AT&T has taken steps to make sure it is up to the task of managing a huge influx of network traffic from calls and data use in an area that typically has 100,000 less people on the network.  AT&T has deployed a COW to the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, not the hay-chewing variety but a “Cell site On Wheels.”  A COW temporarily enhances wireless coverage and capacity in a specific area to better manage high volumes of network traffic.


With the addition of a COW, mobile phone and tablet users at Arctic Thunder may expect consistent and dependable data connections and are unlikely to experience call blocking or fast busy signals when making calls.  So call, text, email, and upload photos air show attendees because AT&T’s COW moooooves to the Arctic Thunder this weekend.


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