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Oil and gas jobs lose big

Morning Headlamp - September 27, 2016


Alaskan unemployment grew over the past year, largely hitting the oil and gas industry. "We are seeing higher claims pretty much across the board for most industries over the year, although nothing to the magnitude seen with oil and gas," said Lennon Weller, a state Labor Department economist, last week. At least 2,400 jobs have been lost in the oil and gas industry in 18 months, from 14,800 jobs in March 2015, according to state data. Shell's decision to stop exploring in the U.S. Arctic Ocean 12 months ago, and layoffs announced by employers such as BP and ConocoPhillips, may be dragging down the broader economy. But to know for sure will take more time, Weller said. It's a shame to see the human cost of anti-industry policies.


Live from Singapore. Gov. Bill Walker issued a press release yesterday to provide an update on his recent trip to the WC World LNG & Gas Series: Asia Pacific Summit. According to Walker, "We were able to show that Alaska has the right team with the expertise to lead on this gasline….We not only raised awareness of the Alaska gasline project, we rekindled interest in our state's tremendous potential to provide long-term solutions to the market's energy needs…As we secure more customers, we lower the cost of the project and the cost of energy to Alaskans...Too many Alaskans are forced to choose between paying for food or paying to heat their homes. The gasline will change that by bringing down the cost to power homes and businesses and will even spur the development of new industries. Just as the trans-Alaska pipeline provided jobs and economic growth, the gasline will lead to tremendous opportunities for generations to come."


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