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Morning Headlamp - Moriarty and Lawmakers Sound Off on Lease Decision

Moriarty: Still reason to invest


Still optimistic. AOGA CEO and President Kara Moriarty said there's still reason to invest in Alaska's resource development despite the recent lease cancellation from the Obama Administration. According to Moriarty, "Alaska still has vast geology. As you look to the future, the Energy Information Administration released a report earlier this week, we're still going to be 80 something percent dependent, and we're not going to have peak oil for the next 40 to 50 years." Moriarty said there's always a place for regulation, but only when it is done in an efficient and timely manner.


House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop (R-Utah) penned an op-ed in The Hill blasting Obama's legacy of regulation. According to Bishop, "On Friday, the Obama administration announced their five-year plan for the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf. This important decision determines which offshore areas under federal control will be available for oil and gas leasing, including Alaska's Arctic. The global energy supremacy we enjoy today all began with the leasing stage decades ago, putting a plan in motion that grew our nation from a position of energy dependence to energy power. It helped free the United States from the shackles of foreign oil and reduce energy prices for American families, businesses and manufacturers."  


Lucas Frances, a spokesperson for the Arctic Energy Center (AEC), called the decision a "body blow" for the communities. "Today's announcement is a body blow for the Native communities, businesses, elected officials, military experts and other Alaskans who repeatedly have pleaded with the White House to allow offshore energy development in the Arctic," he said in statement after the decision was announced on Friday. "Having been told that local views would take priority, they have now seen that the exact opposite is true and their wishes have been ignored in the name of legacy-building," he said.


Reuters highlighted some of the hopefuls to fill President-elect Donald Trump's Department of the Interior. According to the reports, the short list includes "Oklahoma Governor Fallin, who met with Trump on Monday…Sarah Palin, who made famous the motto "Drill, Baby, Drill" when she was the vice-presidential running-mate to Republican John McCain in 2008, and former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, a Trump supporter without experience in public lands policy."


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