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Manufacturers Still Committed to Diesel Cars?



Are Manufacturers Still Committed to Diesel Cars in the U.S.?

It’s auto show season again and time for rolling out new products and responding to tough questions. With Volkswagen’s diesel emissions crisis hanging in the air, this week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit others are speaking out to clear the air about the future of diesel...

New Generation of Diesel Technology - DTF's Letter to the NYT

To the Editor: Here are the facts about diesel straight from the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board: Clean diesel technology and fuels have reduced particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 98 percent, and sulfur content by 97 percent. The American Lung Association cites clean diesel fleets as one of the two primary reasons for improved air quality in the United States.

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“Clean diesel technology is key to the future economic vitality, environmental improvement, meeting global climate commitments and improving the quality of life in India. The journey must begin promptly with cleaner diesel fuel and new technology diesel engines. Users must also be willing to accept higher costs for both fuel and vehicles, but the clean air benefits and fuel savings will rapidly follow.” - DTF Executive Director Allen Schaeffer writing in a guest column in Auto Tech Review (India) about how India would benefit from using new diesel technology and fuels to improve its air quality problems.

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Clean Diesel Social Chatter

What’s trending on #cleandiesel in social media this week? A quick look at some of the key tweets on top news stories.



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