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Is CO2 actually good; should we be making more?


Our Canadian climate expert friend opines on the environmental value of CO2 and the mistake it may be to sequester it!
And then, there's more on Alaska's government owned LNG project.   One wonders what successful, government-owned LNG/pipeline project in North America serves as Alaska's model.  It's yet to be proven feasible, but politicians (i.e. with OPM) move resolutely ahead to "market" something, and conduct a "summit" to romance prospective partners. 
More's the pity that every ounce of attention focused on a future, shiney pipeline and LNG export terminal is effort not devoted to rescuing the 49th state's economy as it falls headlong into fiscal crisis.
Where have all the leaders gone, long time passing.  When will they ever learn?
Commissioner Emeritus, 
Chairman Emeritus, 
Alaska Oil & Gas Congress
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